As You Start To Play

When you start to play crown green bowls, one of the first key things to learn is sending the bowl across the green. However you do it, it needs to feel comfortable to you. There are certain rules that need following but, other than that, everyone’s delivery action is unique to them. So, what are the rules and basic techniques:

– Put one foot on the mat. This needs to be the foot (left or right) that is the same as the hand that you are going to send the bowl with (except where a disability prevents).

– Step forward a normal walking step and bend down (all in one movement). Don’t stride too far or bend too far down – just go as far as is comfortable.

– Swing your arm like a clock pendulum and release the bowl at the bottom of the action.

– Slowly stand back up to your starting position.

As you start to play, practice is a great way to develop your enjoyment of the sport. We have regular practice coaching sessions and social bowling which are both great ways to improve your game.

If you prefer to develop yourself at your own leisure, you can practice on the green whenever it is free to play on. Check out our Club Calendar page for when matches or events are taking place. There are some practice guides on the Coaching & Development page of our website. If you would like to learn more about the game, take a look at the British Crown Green Bowling Association laws of the game link,