Coaching and Development

One of the biggest benefits of crown green bowls is that the sport is fully inclusive. People of every age, ability and background can play with, and against each other – and everyone is capable of beating anyone else in a game.

Whatever your levels of ability and experience, we are able to support your development. Our coaches are accredited through Coach Bowls and have also undertaken both safeguarding courses and DBS certifications.

If you would prefer to work on improving your ‘game’ in your own time, have a browse through our library of practice guides. Crown green bowls is certainly a sport where an individual will see the benefits of regular practice.

The guides have been split into three groups –

‘Getting Started’ (for someone just starting to play the sport),

‘Basic Practice Techniques’ (to develop consistency and ability to play the right bowl)

‘Learning Your Green’ (for regular practice at your club).